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Одобрена недоследност вакцина може одложити поновно покретање међународних путовања

WTTC’s fundamental guidelines to restore international mobility while safeguarding public health include:

  • Appropriately reduced protocols for vaccinated travelers, including no need for testing or quarantine for those fully vaccinated. Global recognition for international travel of all vaccines authorized for use and deemed safe and effective by the WHO or by the WHO recognized SRAs.
  • A data driven, risk-based and internationally harmonized approach to re-establishing freedom of movement, that is consistent across countries, easy to communicate and clearly understood by travelers.
  • Global adoption of ‘digital health passes’ which enable travelers to easily obtain and verify their vaccination status, negative COVID test result or natural immunity from a previous infection. These must work with existing border control and travel operator systems accepted by all countries. Digital verification of a traveler’s COVID status prior to travel will avoid lengthy and unsafe queues in transport hubs and terminals.
  • Continued implementation of high-quality health and safety standards throughout all areas of the Travel & Tourism sector, including continued adoption of the WTTC’s Safe Travel Protocols and Safe Travel Stamp, with the continued wearing of face masks in crowded and enclosed areas as well as on all forms of public transport.

WTTC advocates the full implementation of these proportionate and responsible guidelines for travel during over the next few months, as many travel restrictions begin being eased as major travel markets begin to reopen.

This is against the backdrop of a successful vaccination roll out, with a subsequent decrease in deaths, cases, and hospitalizations in many countries. However, variants will continue to be cause of concern as the world struggles to emerge from the effects of the pandemic.

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