Australija ponovo otvara granice nakon 18 meseci karantina COVID-19

Australija ponovo otvara granice nakon 18 meseci karantina COVID-19.
Australija ponovo otvara granice nakon 18 meseci karantina COVID-19.

People hugged and cried tears of joy as they reunited with their loved ones after the long break. Some said they’ve been apart for up to three years and expanded on the mental suffering of not being able to see their families due to the curbs.

Some 1,500 passengers were expected to fly into Sydney and Melbourne during the first day of eased restrictions, the airline industry group BARA has said.

Uprkos tome što su međunarodne granice otključane za Australijance u državama Viktorija i Novi Južni Vels (NSW) i na teritoriji glavnog grada Australije, zemlja je i dalje zatvorena za strane turiste, osim onih iz susednog Novog Zelanda.

The next group to be allowed entry to Аустралија are the citizens of Сингапур, who’ll be able to make the trip from November 21.

“We still have a long way to go in terms of the recovery of our sector, but allowing fully vaccinated Australians to travel without quarantine will provide the template for bringing back students, travelers, and tourists from all over the world,” Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert said.

But while Australia is reopening to the world after almost 600 days, limitations on travel remain inside the country. The residents of Western Australia are still largely cut off from the rest of the nation as the state is vigorously trying to protect its virus-free status. Travelers from “extreme risk” jurisdictions – like Victoria and NSW, which went through months of lockdowns – require an exemption to enter Western Australia.

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